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Written by Rizki Noor Hidayat Wijayaź   

Alan W Black and Paul Taylor (C) Centre for Speech Technology Research University of Edinburgh 80 South Bridge Edinburgh EH1 1HN

Festival offers a general framework for building speech synthesis systems as well as including examples of various modules. As a whole it offers full text to speech through a number APIs: from shell level, though a Scheme command interpreter, as a C++ library, and an Emacs interface.

Festival is multi-lingual, we have develeoped voices in many languages including English (UK and US), Spanish and Welsh, though English is the most advanced. The system is written in C++ and uses the Edinburgh Speech Tools for low level architecture and has a Scheme (SIOD) based command interpreter for control. Documentation is given in the FSF texinfo format which can generate a printed manual, info files and HTML.

As we feeel the core system has reached an acceptable level of maturity from 1.4.0 the basic system is released under a free lience, without the commercial restrictions we imposed on early versions. The basic system has been placed under an X11 type licence which as free licences go is pretty free. No GPL code is included in festival or the speech tools themselves (though some auxiliary files are GPL*d e.g. the Emacs mode for Festival).

We have deliberately choosen a licence that should be compatible with our commercial partners and our free software users. However although the code is free, we still offer no warranties and no maintenance. We will continue to endeavor to fix bugs and answer queries when can, but are not in a position to guarantee it. We will consider maintenance contracts and consultancy if desired, please contacts us for details. Also note that not all the voices and lexicons we distribute with festival are free.

Particularly the British English lexicon derived from Oxford Advanced Learners* Dictionary is free only for non-commercial use (we will release an alternative soon). Also the Spanish diphone voice we relase is only free for non-commercial use. If you are using Festival or the speech tools in commercial environment, even though no licence is required, we would be grateful if you let us know as it helps justify ourselves to our various sponsors.

[download: 101,88 MB]