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Written by Rizki Noor Hidayat Wijayaź   

Getting Started

Quick TCP/IP Start: Load the file mac-start-server.lisp into MCL 3.0. This will compile the server and launch it running the demo Web structure. This assumes you*re running MacTCP over TCP/IP.

Once you get the Common Lisp Hypermedia Server running, it will serve its own documentation when you access the URL

Configuring the server is explained in detail by

You can use the local file option of your Web browser to read the configuration instructions before starting the server. This file is found in the subdirectory of the cl-http distribution:


If you have questions, you may direct them to the developer group at You can join this group by sending a message to containing *subscribe www-cl* in the message body.

Current versions of the server may be obtained via FTP from:

Netscape 1.1 304 Loop: Netscape 1.1 can get into a loop attempting to refresh its cache with any server and this includes CL-HTTP. A work around is to clear the cache using from the preferences dialog, quit Netscape and restart. This works in most cases but not all. In other cases, make sure that your time and time zone are correctly configured, and if all else fails, set the caching to never check documents.

[download: 32,78 MB]