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Written by Rizki Noor Hidayat Wijayaź   

This program is a full ANSI C++ compliant version of Jorrit IJpenberg*s Delphi program AIX.For an introduction to that program and related stuff, please consult his web page at: C++ source code is a more or less literary translation of the Object Pascal version,Copyright (C) 1998 by Jorrit IJpenberg.

*This program is a demonstration of the system with the problem world of the game *tic-tac-toe*. The system plays against an unbeatable computer algorithm. Thus maximum score of the AI system is a draw (0 - 0). Every time you start the program the learning will be different because the program random generator is initialized with the time. Sometimes the solution will be found in a few hundred system-cycles. Sometimes it will be a lot more.

When starting the program, first nothing will be seen on the screen because the system is learning. After some time the learned knowledge will be tested and you can see the test games on the screen. The score will be shown on the screen (0 - 0 is the best score). Then the system will learn again.

This will go on forever (until you quit the program). Because the problem of tic-tac-toe is very simple, no GA is needed to limit the amount of subjects. At the beginning a few thousand subjects are created randomly. Al most every time this will be enough to enable the system to find a solution.*

[download: 5,61 MB]