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Written by Rizki Noor Hidayat Wijayaź   

Author: Sascha Lange Rheiner-Landstr. 48 49078 Osnabrueck Germany Home:


cvtk is a tool kit supporting 2-dimensional tracking of color marked objects in real time. It provides general low-level-vision algorithms to segment and integrate colored regions as well as higher level algorithms to identify and track colored objects in 2 dimensions. Further, cvtk provides a couple off tools, including automated calibration of image sources, colors and objects, views to monitor different algorithms and some useful data structures. Visit to access further informations, new releases or the detailed project plan.


  • Easy to use, The graphical user interface and the dialog boxes are there to simplify as much as possible your work.
  • Programmable and interactive, You can write very simply scripts to execute repetitive tasks. The console is here to interact directly with the engine of the program.
  • Cross-platform Imaging, The program is entirely written in java. You will be able to run it anywhere is installed the Java virtual machine and the Java advanced library.
  • Client-Server Imaging, You can setup a JAI server and ask Imagevision to let all the computations be done by this remote server.
  • High Performance, The operator are and will be as much as possible accelerated by native C code. The acceleration will also be done with the use of multi-threaded algorithms.
  • Flexible and Extensible, The next step for this software is to add new operators to perform all the task you may need.

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