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Written by Rizki Noor Hidayat Wijayaź   
Tuesday, 30 November 1999

LISP is a programming language. It was invented by J. McCarthy in 1959. There have been many dialects of it, but nowadays LISP has been standardized and wide-spread due to the industrial standard COMMON LISP. There are applications in the domains of symbolic knowledge processing (AI), numerical mathematics (MACLISP yielded numerical code as good as FORTRAN), and widely used programs like editors (EMACS) and CAD (AUTOCAD).

There is an introduction to the language:

Sheila Hughes: Lisp. Pitman Publishing Limited, London 1986.107 pages. After a while wou will need the standard text containing the language definition:

Guy L. Steele Jr.: Common Lisp - The Language. Digital Press. 1st edition, 1984, 465 pages. 2nd edition, 1990, 1032 pages. This book is available in HTML form via FTP from

and can be viewed through WWW under: or

For experts: This standard text has emerged into an ANSI standard, which you can get free of charge from:

LISP is run in an interactive environment. You input forms, and they will be evaluated at once. Thus you can inspect variables, call functions with given arguments or define your own functions.

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